Message  from Principal

India is approaching to make significant advances in manufacturing and services sectors through Make in India, Digital India, Skill India and such other structured national programs. Therefore, investment in all different sectors is expected to create huge opportunities for efficient diploma engineers.

In Dr. B. C. Roy Polytechnic, implementation of a well balanced curriculum ensures that students must be taught ‘How’ to think above ‘What’ to think approach, as the former lies in motivating the weak, teaching the average and putting the challenge for the sifted high performers. Quest of excellence has been assumed here as paramount importance in academic achievements along with curiosity for knowing more through depth of understanding, leadership quality and interpersonal skill. We are committed to maintain an environment which can facilitate encouraging enterprising skills of our students through professional competence and rich academic input by creation of new avenues and opportunities beyond the regular curriculum as well.

To match with the requirement of current twenty-first Century, Dr. B. C. Roy Polytechnic has fixed an approach of learning through analytical thinking, hunger for new research and the ethical approach to make an habit of our students. We intend to provide education not only to match the advancement of technology and globalization but also to obey the ethos and moral values of Dr. B. C. Roy institutions which can transform our students as sensible citizens of next generation.

On the other hand, the collaboration efforts from the team comprising of qualified and dedicated faculty members, supportive management and cooperative caring parents, we can achieve more benefits to our students while converting to future leaders of tomorrow for worldwide opportunities. This way we feel proud to welcome the students to our institute and stand guarantee for their development.


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